Applied Analysis & Technology, Inc.

"For over 25 years our firm has solved a host of design and analysis problems. We've also been meeting customers’ needs, adding value to their bottom line and at the completion of these projects we both gain a tremendous sense of accomplishment."

--- David Dearth, P.E.

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Our anguished engineer makes a fair argument. But, in today's competitive global market companies cannot afford to miss scheduled completion dates or wait around while designers and analysts turn product development schedules into science projects. A sobering testimonial to changes in the nation's labor market is that companies are watching employee head counts the way dieters watch carbohydrates. Confronted with scheduling constraints and/or limited technical resources?
Since 1982 Applied Analysis & Technology has utilized specialized consultants in areas of traditional design, metallurgy, failure analysis, mechanical analysis, environmental testing and other disciplines as required achieving technical excellence. The net result of our continued success in product design, development and performance all translate into lower program costs and there is also the security of meeting scheduled completion dates.
If you are confronted with scheduling constraints or limited technical resources, or both, make Applied Analysis & Technology a logical extension of your design and analysis organization. As proven by recent successful projects with recognized companies shown below, Applied Analysis & Technology can enhance your resources.

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